Ai-1 Mining Unit

  • 12 GPU Expert Mining Rig
  • NVIDIA P104-100 GPU
  • 490 Megahash Per Second ± 5%
  • GIGABYTE’s GA-B250-FinTech Motherboard

Strategic Agreement with GIGAIPC

iMine Corporation is joining forces with GIGAIPC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Gigabyte Technology, one of the largest graphics card manufacturers in the world, to create a user-friendly and plug-in ready mining rig. The first model Ai-1 is powered by GIGABYTE’s GA-B250 FINTECH motherboard that has been finetuned for optimal cryptocurrency mining performance. The motherboard drives 12 NVIDIA P104-100 GPU and each mining unit can output over 490 Megahash of mining power. Whether you are looking to mining cryptocurrency on a large scale or investing in your first mining rig, Ai-1 is the perfect solution for you.

12-GPU GA-B250-FinTech Motherboard

GIGABYTE B250-FinTech offers double the GPU support than standard motherboards. The additional GPUs supported by Ai-1’s motherboard mean that Ai-1 offers supreme 12-GPU mining configuration without incurring the unnecessary costs of running two motherboards.

NVIDIA GIGABYTE P104-100 GPU for Optimal Mining Performance

The NVIDIA P104-100 GIGABYTE GPU is designed to maximize mining performance and minimize power consumption. The Ai-1, which is capable of over 490 MH/s of mining performance, only requires 2400W of total power supply.

Finetuned For Over 490 MH/S

Hashrate is the most crucial performance metric of the iMine Ai-1. The Ai-1’s Hashrate can be steadily maintained at 492MH/s ± 5% after running for one day. The machine’s performance is maximized while malfunction rate is minimized for the highest profitability.

System Configuration

System Component Specification
Power Supply
Universal 110-220V 2300W (± 5%)
NVIDIA GIGABYTE P104-100 x 12 pcs
System Configuration
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-B250-FinTech
Processor: G3900 Series
Disk drive: 64GB SSD

Ai-1 VS. Do-It-Yourself Mining Rig

Ai-1 Do-It-Yourself
Body Chassis
Server-style Professional Chassis
Open Body
High Space Utility
Low Space Utility
Energy Saving
Lower Cost through Centralized Cooling
Higher Cost Due to Open Space
Stable and Unidirectional Cooling Management
Uneven Temperature Due to Open System
Ease of Transportation
Low Mobility
Professional Mining Motherboard
Conventional Motherboard
Plug-in Ready
Power Consumption
High-Efficiency 110V/220V Power Supply
Conventional 110V Power Supply